The real estate agent sector is currently estimated to cost around Rs 2,500 core and is growing at a rate of around 20 to 25 percent per year. The opportunities in this area are highly attractive. So, to work in this field is a wise decision, According to Hindustan Times.

Career Bliss surveyed over 65,000 employee-generated reviews to find that real estate ranked Number One as the happiest job in India.

See our list of the top five reasons why agents love real estate careers.

Real Estate Agent Love Being Their Owner

For many, there is nothing worse than a micro-managing boss leaning on your shoulder every day. When you choose a real estate career, you are essentially running your own small business. While you are likely to have a broker that you will have to answer, the dynamic between the broker and the agent are quite different from that of the employee / employer. You still have someone micro-managing your work – but it will be you

Real Estate Agents Like to Make Their Schedule

If you want to have a two-hour lunch, it is up to you. If you want to take some time to make it to your child’s track meet, you can do so. However, one of the potential downsides of the profession is that agents often have to work around their client’s schedule for appearances and consultations, and sometimes for odd hours.

Real estate agents like to meet new people

As a real estate agent, you put your interpersonal skills to work all the time. Sometimes it happens at networking events, sometimes in the office, sometimes at coffee or lunch. You will work and socialize with business associates, associates, partners and new customers. If you enjoy meeting new people, then you will love this aspect of the real estate business. Every day presents an opportunity to meet someone new.

Real Estate Agent like to do something new every day

Some people get entangled in their work routines. This gives them control and limits the possibility of surprise or change. For most real estate agent, however, doing something new every day and facing new challenges is part of the fun of being an agent.

Real estate agents like to control their career advancement

For a real estate agent, glass ceilings do not exist. You are in total control of your real estate career. No supervisor determines whether you get a raise. If you do not get any promotion then no annual review decides. Your determination is the guiding factor in your career advancement.

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